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Official Active Competitions

Country Name Sanctioning Body Classes Month Years active since Notes
Australia Formula SAE Australasia SAE Australasia CV, EV December 2000  
Austria Formula Student Austria Formula Student Austria CV, EV July-August 2009  
Brasil Formula SAE Brasil SAE Brasil CV, EV November-December 2004  
China Formula Student China China Society of Automotive Engineers CV, EV, DV October-November 2010 EV and CV are held separately since 2015, DV started in 2017, and is held with EV.
Croatia Formula Alpe Adria FS Alpe Adria CV, EV August 2022 Unofficial event before 2022 (first held 2017).
Czech Republic Formula Student Czech Republic Formula Student Czech Republic CV, EV July-August 2013  
Formula Student Germany Formula Student Germany CV, EV, DV August 2006 It was announced in October 2019 that FSG would transition to a full driverless competition in 2022. [1] Due to COVID-19, this strategic plan has shifted 1 year. The competition will become driverless in 2023. [2]
Hungary Formula Student East Association of Automotive Engineers CV, EV, DV July-August 2016  
India Formula Bharat Curiosum Tech CV, EV January 2017  
Italy Formula SAE Italy ANFIA CV, EV, DV July-August 2005  
Japan Formula SAE Japan JSAE CV, EV September    
Netherlands Formula Student Netherlands Formula Student Netherlands CV, EV July-August    
Russia Formula Student Russia Department of Entreprenurship and Innovative Devlopment of the City of Moscow and SMP Racing CV, EV September 2019  
South Korea KSAE Formula The Korean Society of Automotive Engineers CV, EV October    
Spain Formula Student Spain STA (Spanish Society of Automotive Engineers) CV, EV, DV July-August 2010  
Switzerland Formula Student Switzerland FS Switzerland EV July-August 2020 (cancelled)
Thailand TSAE Auto Challenge SAE Thailand CV, EV January
United Kingdom Formula Student IMechE CV, EV, DV July 1998  
USA Formula SAE Michigan Formula SAE CV May 1981
Held in Texas in 1981-1985, 1987, 1989
USA Formula SAE West/Lincoln/California Formula SAE CV, EV June 2006 Held in Lincoln, NE between 2012-2019, in Las Vegas, NV in 2021, and in Michigan in 2022-23.

Official Inactive Competitions

Country Name Sanctioning Body Classes Month Years active Notes
Canada Formula SAE North Formula SAE CV, EV May 2010-2019 Taken over by SAE in 2019. Closed indefinitely in 2021.
USA Formula SAE at VIR Formula SAE CV April 2008-2009 Suspended until further notice due to economy and lack of student demand.

Unofficial Active Competitions

City, Country Name Organizing Body Classes Month Years active since Notes
Dallesport, WA, USA Dallesport Shootout Global Formula Racing   October    
Pittsburgh, PA, USA Pittsburgh Shootout Pittsburgh Shootout LLC CV, EV, Hybrid July-August 2016 Uses Formula SAE ruleset with Supplement

Autocross and Skidpad event only

Ljungbyhed, Sweden Nordic Test Event Lund Formula Student CV, EV, DV June 2015 Mock competition aimed at the nordic teams
Sydney, Australia FS Sydney Australian Racing Drivers' Club CV, EV January 2019 Formula SAE rule set with full dynamic events and modified static events.
Rotating Baltic Open Baltic Open /Metropolia Motorsport CV, EV August-September 2003 Usually organized somewhere around the Baltic sea, allows grandfathered cars to compete


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