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FSWiki will largely adopt Wikipedia's policies. Please read regarding vandalism, plagiarism, patent-able information, harassment, etc.

Wikipedia's Five pillars
Verifiability Civility
Vandalism Consensus
Neutral point of view Editing policy
What Wikipedia is not Harassment
Image use No personal attacks
Article titles Ownership of content
Notability Edit warring
Autobiography Dispute resolution
Citing sources No legal threats
Reliable sources Paid-contribution disclosure
Plagiarism Assume good faith
Don't create hoaxes Administrators
Fringe theories Banning
Patent nonsense Blocking
External links Page protection

In short, the following rules shall be enforced:


  1. No vandalism of pages.
  2. No harassment. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Name-calling
    2. Any discriminatory comment regarding race, gender, creed, orientation, or location; joke or otherwise
    3. Impersonation of others
  3. No plagarism. Just cite it.
  4. Kindness is king. Be patient with others and assume good faith.
  5. Please use English when editing articles. Discussion threads may be in any language. We have a translate function for this purpose.
  6. Upload documentation with permission. See Getting Started#Should I publish/upload this?
  7. Do not upload videos. Host them on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. See mediawikiwiki:Extension:EmbedVideo for how to do this.

Creating a User Account

Visitors must create a user account in order to edit pages.

Go to Special:CreateAccount to create your account.

It is recommended to use your real name and list your contact information, industry affiliation, University, etc in your user profile.

Editing your preferences in your user account does NOT display this personal information to the site. Users should create and edit their Special:Mypage by following that link or by clicking their hyperlinked username in the top right corner.

Passwords should be 10 at least characters long. This is the default MediaWiki setting.

Email authentication is required to graduate to Contributor status. Users will be promoted after 24 hours of account creation and verification.

Creating a New Page


Currently we have no templates implemented. Please avoid copy-pasting from Wikipedia, etc as FSWiki does not have the same extensions enabled and it will therefore not work properly.

Want to create templates? Do it and we will link them here.

Best Practices

See Best Practices for wiki article generation.


A list of formatting options is in the table below. Please note these links take you away from FSWiki.

mediawikwiki:Extension:TinyMCE is a open source JavaScript-based wikipedia:WYSIWYG editor that enables easier formatting. If you choose to edit the wiki manually, use "Edit Source" instead of "Edit".

Link Content Notes
mediawikiwiki:Help:Formatting Text Formatting  
mediawikiwiki:Help:Links Types of Links  
mediawikiwiki:Help:Tables Tables Its recommended to use to transfer excel tables to mediawiki
mediawikiwiki:Help:Images Image embedding  

Should I publish/upload this?

Prior to publishing information, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this information patent-able?
    1. ... by me?
    2. ... by my teammate?
    3. ... by my professor or sponsor?
  2. Do I own the rights to this information?
  3. Do I need permission to upload this information?
    1. ... from my team?
    2. ... from my university?
    3. ... from my sponsor?
  4. Is this information due to be published in a journal?

Some examples of uploadable information:

  1. Lap data from your team's latest testing day
  2. Team-redacted design reports
  3. Code you wrote to import parameters from a CSV to ADAMS car
  4. Wiring Diagrams of a team-built ECU

Some examples of non-uploadable information:

  1. SAE papers, even if you've paid for it
  2. TTC data
  3. SolidWorks license codes
  4. OptimumG Seminar slides
  5. An ARB design currently in the patent process from a team member

Remember: you can always cite something and externally link it.